Jessica Copeland

– Owner & Photographer

Photography has been a strong passion of mine since the first point and shoot camera I ever toyed around with as a little girl. I quickly learned I had a strong liking for putting together compositions and then photographing them.

I took my passion to the next level when I spent a number of months working under an established photographer, learning the ins and outs of the business and growing my camera and editing skills.

I take great pride in my work, and the pleasure it brings my clients. I myself have never enjoyed the over posed, painfully happy, and perfect looking portraits. To me they seem unnatural, I much prefer capturing those genuine candid moments filled with true and raw emotion.

I strive to make sessions as relaxed and enjoyable as possible. The more comfortable my clients are, the more beautiful their photos become.

Outside of my clients I also lend my services to a number of animal rescues and SPCA branches. Nothing brings me more joy than spending time with animals waiting to be adopted and using my skills as a photographer to hopefully boost their chances of finding their forever homes.